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With this kind of fuel efficiency, your 2-door, 4-passenger 2015 Fiat 500 SPORT is anything but a gas guzzler. This vehicle delivers a EPA estimated 31 city / 40 highway mpg, without sacrificing performance. 
Lexus RX450H Lexus RX450H
5-passenger seater, hybrid, engine is a standard 3.5 liter, 295 horsepower engine. Built in GPS  
Mini Countryman 
Toyota Prius Hybrid Toyota Prius Hybrid
5-passenger hybrid with an engine that gets excellent mileage in the city and highway. Estimated mileage at 61 mpg city. Built in GPS  
Mini Cooper Convertible or similar Mini Cooper Convertible or similar
Mini Cooper Convertible or similar car. No brand guarantee. 
Mini Cooper or similar Mini Cooper or similar
4 passenger mini type vehicle. No brand or model guaranteed. (Mini or Fiats can be included in this category) 
Tesla Model S P85D Tesla Model S P85D
The Tesla Model S P85D is unlike any electric car you've ever seen. The 4 door, 5 passenger vehicle has 691 Horsepower, a 253 mile charging range, autopilot mode with lane departure warning, and a 17" touchscreen with full navigation and Bluetooth capabilities.  

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